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frequently asked questions


How does GM pack orders?

 All parcels will come in either a small parcel box or large letter box and will include; a layer of shredded paper, a small cotton pouch with your jewellery inside and/or a Gretel's Metals jewellery box, a small polishing cloth, for all orders over £25 there will also be a little organza bag with some extras! 

How much are the shipping costs and once shipped how long will it take?

How long will my order take to be processed?

All orders take up to 2 weeks to be processed as each piece is made to order and is completely handmade - I literally make all of the wire and sheet from scratch!

Where does GM ship to?

All purchases made through my website are sent out to addresses in the United Kingdom only; however, if you would like me to ship jewellery internationally please                    and I can sort that out for you.


Can I cancel my order?

I allow cancellations up to 24hrs from the order being made, after this time your order will start to be processed and you won't be able to cancel or get refunded. However if you have any problems regarding your order, please get in touch!

Do you offer exchanges?

Unfortunately, I don't allow any exchanges as each piece of jewellery is made specifically for that order.

shipping info

All parcels are sent out using Royal Mail 24hr tracked £5.45. I also have the option of hand delivering your jewellery which is at a cost of £3 and this is only for local addresses around Cambridgeshire. 


Please refer to the size guide below if you need to convert the UK sizes to any other measurements.
If you're needing a resize I will happily resize one Gretel's Metals ring free of charge (you have to know the size you will need). Once you've used your free of charge resize, it will be at a flat rate of £10 for any resizes after that, this is also the cost for resizing any rings that aren't GM (this price does not include p&p - which is an additional £5).




My jewellery is going dark over time what should I do?

Tarnishing is very normal,  especially with silver jewellery. Your jewellery is more prone to tarnishing when exposed to moisture; so always try your best to avoid your jewellery coming into contact with any lotions or water. If you find your jewellery is going dark - you can always give it a clean with an old toothbrush and some washing up liquid, this will bring back any lost shine. I would also recommend using the polishing cloth provided in your order frequently as this will always ensure that your jewellery is kept to a nice standard and will reduce any tarnishing from occurring and any scratches. 

Can I constantly wear my jewellery or shall I take it off e.g for sleeping or showering?  

I would advise, to keep your jewellery looking brand new, it is best to remove all jewellery before sleeping, showering, swimming and basically doing any activities that involve the jewellery getting exposed to any moisture. Keeping your jewellery on 24/7 however will not cause any problems asides from tarnishing that may occur over time and keeping your jewellery on during these times will make that happen faster!

Jewellery care
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